You’ll never believe what this guy does for an unlimited supply of deodorant…

Don’t let the fatcats fool you, you can thrive in the men’s body wash and deodorant aisle at your local Target, Wal-Mart, or Fred Meyer stores. This one simple trick can save you thousands of dollars every year on deodorant.

several shelves full of deodorant at Wal-Mart

Every morning, just walk (or rather drag yourself along the ground using only your withered tongue to pull your bony body in a process taking hours, if not days) into the deodorant aisle of your local store, pick out the deodorant you want to try for the day, lift up your shirt, and put it on! Simple as that!

Perhaps you strategically place the one you’ve used in a spot where no one else will find it. That way, once you drag yourself back tomorrow to refresh and roll on your good smells, you’ll get some extra warmth from those armpit hairs you left behind! This saves you money on your heating bill. Don’t let the Fat Cat Electronic Company fool ya!

Try it out and report back in the comments with your experience! What brands work best? What don’t work out?

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