What can I do with hotel shampoo?

Every frugal jerk has put some sort of twist on fancy ideas to save them money. Can you relate to this? This requires a little bit more energy so be sure to eat your lentils first!

EMPTY ALL THE HOTEL SHAMPOOS!¬†Once you’ve obtained¬†enough energy from lentil and canola oil consumption, wrangle up all of those hotel shampoo mini-bottles that you’ve stolen and saved over the years. Start dumping them all into one large bottle.

Make sure you get every last drop out. Bonus points if you’re re-using an old shampoo bottle or an old soda bottle. If you remove the label off of that soda bottle then make sure you realize that you won’t be able to get your deposit back if you’re in a state where you can do that.

Next time you hear a friend or foe heading to a hotel please make sure they pick you up some extra hotel shampoo. Bonus points if they also can get you lotion and soap, but please leave the remote batteries, lightbulbs, and pillows.

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