This is a satire website that pokes fun at the extremes that people go to in order to save a few dollars. The inspiration behind this website are the times when I catch myself in my own thoughts about extreme frugality. I sometimes question why I did something just to save a few pennies. Perhaps this extreme frugality also wasted a little bit more time, made someone else’s day more hectic, or is on the border of being something unethical (or even illegal).

The most recent example is when I was walking through Target and realized that I forgot to put deodorant on that day.

The first thing that came to my mind was relief because I could extend the life of my deodorant by one day, thus postponing the next time I had to purchase it again. Then, another thought came in to my head. What if I just used deodorant in the store and put it back? What if I do this every time I plan to come to the store?

The frugal jerk in me thought it was a good idea even though it would clearly mean that I would be grossing out the person who purchased that deodorant. I hope they’d check first. After all, I wouldn’t buy a used deodorant stick because that means less for my money.

Some good examples of frugality include some of the following:

  • Filling up a water bottle up at work or using the restroom before leaving to save on the water bill.
  • Reusing plastic bags for pet litter, storage, and even packing material for an eBay or Amazon business side-business.
  • Making a monthly food budget and actually sticking to it including purchasing some highly nutritious and low cost items like rice, lentils, and beans.

Some extreme frugal jerk scenarios include some of the following:

  • Stealing wifi, electricity, or cable from your neighbor.
  • Dumpster diving for inedible foodstuffs.
  • Eating only a diet of rice, lentils, and beans.
  • Stealing anything from work.

You get the point. Basically, anything involving stealing from anywhere can land you in jail. But face it — if you do end up in jail then you will at least have free food, water, and shelter for an extended period of time.

Frugality may be a value that you hold in life but don’t let it control you.

Enjoy the site!

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